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Plant based

plant based gummies -
no animal gelatin

Plant based colors

plant and algae
derived colors

Palm oil free

palm oil

No high fructose corn syrup

NO high fructose
corn syrup

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Katjes – jes – jes – jes!
Say ‘jes’ to Katjes – our delicious plant based gummy candy!

We at Katjes [kaht yes] are not new as such but completely new on the American market. We are from Germany and super excited to join! Katjes was established in 1950 by Klaus Fassin who used a recipe to make licorice which his father had brought from Sicily to the Netherlands many years before. Klaus made licorice in the shape of little kittens, in Dutch “Katjes“. In the 70 years of its existence, Katjes has proven itself as a trendsetter and pioneer again and again. Now, we have finally arrived in the US!

No animal gelatin

Gelatin is commonly used in sweets as a gelling agent and is normally derived from pigs or cows! So no matter if you are vegetarian*, flexitarian*, on a special restriction diet* or if you just want to enjoy yummy gummy candy without animal gelatin – we got you covered!

*Contains wheat derived ingredients. Made on equipment that also processes products containing milk and coconut.

Sour gummy candy

With a ton of sour power, these gummies come in a mix of magical shapes and five tasty flavors! Let’s get tangy!

Katjes Sour gummy candy
Katjes rainbow gummy candy
Rainbow gummy candy

At Katjes, we believe that love is love. Our rainbow gummies are made with four delicious flavors to celebrate diversity every day!

Love & Stars gummy candy

As Germans, we are so excited to join the American market, we made passionate red, white & blue gummies for you! Oh say, can you taste all three flavors?

Katjes Love & Stars gummy candy

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