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Plant based

plant based gummies -
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plant and algae
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palm oil

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NO high fructose
corn syrup

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Mindful Plant-Based Candy

We believe every life is precious. At Katjes, we indulge our sweet tooth while paying attention to the way our choices impact the people, animals and environment around us. Being conscious about our planet and sustainability minded is at the core of our Katjes values, from being carbon neutral since 2020 to efforts in optimizing our energy consumption to supporting equal opportunities within our family-owned company to making candy without gelatin from animals. And we keep all this in mind while crafting gummy candy that tastes like sweet and sour happiness!

Where Does the Name Katjes Come From?

The Katjes story began when young Klaus Fassin made licorice cats from an age-old family recipe. He called them Katjes, the Dutch word for kittens, because he thought it was good luck. That name and Klaus's spirit of ingenuity and optimism have stayed with us all these years! In German, our brand is pronounced "Kaht yes" - so buy some plant-based gummies today and say, "Kaht, yes" to fun snacking!

No animal gelatin

Are Gummies Vegan?

Most gummy candies get their gumminess from gelatin that is derived from pigs or cows. Katjes gelatin-free candy is packed with plant-based ingredients instead, making them a super delicious choice if you're vegetarian*, flexitarian* or on a restriction diet*.

*Contains wheat derived ingredients. Made on equipment that also processes products containing milk and coconut.

Sour gummy candy

With a ton of sour power, these gummies come in a mix of magical shapes and five tasty flavors! Let’s get tangy!

Katjes Sour gummy candy
Katjes rainbow gummy candy
Rainbow gummy candy

At Katjes, we believe that love is love. Our rainbow gummies are made with four delicious flavors to celebrate diversity every day!

Love & Stars gummy candy

As Germans, we are so excited to join the American market, we made passionate red, white & blue gummies for you! Oh say, can you taste all three flavors?

Katjes Love & Stars gummy candy

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