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Sour Gummy Candy Sour Lover 3 Pack
Sour Gummy Candy Sour Lover 3 Pack
Sour Gummy Candy Sour Lover 3 Pack
Sour Gummy Candy Sour Lover 3 Pack

Sour Gummy Candy Sour Lover 3 Pack


Sour Gummies Three-Pack: Plant-Based and Free of Gelatin, Palm Oil and HFCS

The Best Sour Gummy Candy Three-Pack

Sour lovers are a distinctive group. They know what they like, and they never settle for anything less than the tangiest tang. Our Sour Lover Three-Pack delivers the best sour gummy candy ever in volume meant for serious snacking. Awaken your senses with these incredibly sour gummies in a joyful mix of five flavors: passion fruit, orange, lime, raspberry and black current (naturally and artificially flavored).

Are Katjes All-Natural Sour Candy?

We use only natural flavors in all Katjes Gummy candy as defined by the Code of Federal Regulations. But they may not be derived from the exact fruit for which they are named. The rule states we can't call it naturally flavored if it's not from the same fruit, so we call them naturally and artificially flavored. Confusing? Wkr.

Katjes candies are made without any animal products, palm oil or high fructose corn syrup. That means our plant-based sour gummies can be a fun and delicious addition to a vegetarian*, flexitarian* or special restriction* diet.

Nutritional facts:


Ingredients: sugar, glucose syrup, food starch-modified, dextrose, malic acid, citric acid, sodium malates, lactic acid, natural flavors, fruit juices for color, vegetable juices for color, calcium carbonate, spirulina extract for color.

*Contains wheat derived ingredients. Made on equipment that also processes products containing milk and coconut.

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