Rainbow Gummy Candy Over the Rainbow 3 Pack
Rainbow Gummy Candy Over the Rainbow 3 Pack
Rainbow Gummy Candy Over the Rainbow 3 Pack
Rainbow Gummy Candy Over the Rainbow 3 Pack

Rainbow Gummy Candy Over the Rainbow 3 Pack


Can’t stop admiring our rainbow-colored plant-based gummies? Us too. Katjes “Over the Rainbow” 3 count bundle (3x 4.9 oz)

We get it, you looove rainbows and unicorns! As do we! Please meet the very photogentic, highly instagrammable gummy candy: Katjes Rainbow! But we would never reduce this one to its looks – the inner values are what matter even more to us. And for Katjes Rainbow, they are chewy, fruity tasting and unique like you.

Katjes Rainbow comes in a mix of four yummy flavors: cherry, strawberry, blueberry and orange (naturally and artificially flavored). Snack away and celebrate diversity and equality every day!

We love LOOOOOVE… (sorry, got carried away a bit there).  

There is a reason our brand’s logo has a heart in it! Considering matters of the heart, planet and soul for all product decisions we make is part of our mission. To not use animal gelatin, because we believe every life is precious. To not use palm oil, because we can happily use an alternative. To create a product that can humbly contribute to bringing some rainbow colored joy and pride to communities across the US. You are the activists and environmentalists out there, fighters for a better more sustainable planet, lovers of a passionate world full of equality and diversity.

We are just gummy candy makers, but we love that we get to get up in the morning thinking about making the world a yummier place for all, one LOVE IS LOVE plant based gummy at a time.

Every life is precious and we aim to bring joy to your life. So no matter if you are vegetarian, flexitarian, on a special restriction diet* or if you just want to enjoy yummy gummy candy without animal gelatin – we’ve got you covered!

*Contains wheat derived ingredients. Made on equipment that also processes products containing milk and coconut.

Here are the most important facts to show you we thought about how to make this product awesome A LOT:

  • Plant based*
  • Plant & algae derived colors
  • NO animal gelatin
  • NO palm oil
  • NO high fructose corn syrup

*Produced in a factory that handles milk.

You might wonder, why we don’t call our products vegan. We don’t use the term vegan, because all our unicorn and rainbow production-magic happens on equipment that also processes products containing milk, so there is a ferry-dust size chance of milk in our products. If you have any other questions, just reach out! 

Uhm…and why does it say “artificially flavored”? We use only natural flavors, as defined in the Code of Federal Regulations, but not every single flavor we list is derived from the exact fruit for which it is named. The rule says we can’t call it naturally flavored, if it’s not from the same fruit. Confused? We hear you, but hope this helped shed some light.

Why is Katjes so much tastier than other gummy candies? #notbiased  

Plant based is what Katjes does and has been doing for many years on our home turf in Germany. Not to show off or anything but we’ve even won some awards for our products there! Not convinced? Maybe this detailed list of ingredients will give you some food for thought.

Nutritional facts:


Ingredients: glucose syrup, sugar, food starch-modified, dextrose, citric acid, malic acid, lactic acid, natural flavors, vegetable juices for color, sunflower oil, spirulina extract for color, fruit juices for color, carnauba wax. 

Contains wheat. Made on equipment that also processes products containing milk and coconut.

Curious about our LOVEly mission? Order now!

Order online now! Curious about or mission? Order the ‘Try Me’ variety pack and find out what your favorite flavor is. Already hooked? Order our bundles and enjoy the fun modern indulgence anywhere and anytime!


Your Team Katjes