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I'm Hooked Gummy Sour 9 Pack Caddy


Katjes Sour Gummy Candy I'm Hooked Nine-Pack Caddy

If you like your gummies sour, the I'm Hooked Sour Gummy Candy Nine-Pack Caddy is your tangy dream come true. Stock up on a whole lotta sour indulgence to share or hoard - we don't judge!

Serious Sour Gummies for Tang Fanatics

Love a tart chew? Katjes Sour Gummy Candy is for you! These sweet little stars, hearts and unicorns deliver a pleasing punch of pucker-inducing ka-pow that tastes like passion fruit, orange, lime, raspberry and black currant (naturally and artificially flavored).

This 9-pack caddy means you'll be rolling in sour gummies for the long haul. Give in to your tangy tendencies with this value pack of plant-based awesomeness.

Is Katjes All-Natural Candy?

Katjes gummy candy is made with zero animal products, high fructose corn syrup or palm oil, and the vivid colors in our sour gummies come from plant- and algae-derived colors. Where other candy uses gelatin made from pigs or cows, we sub in plant-based modified food starch. So go ahead and treat your vegetarian*, flexitarian* or special restriction* diet to some colorful joy!

Nutritional facts:

    Ingredients: sugar, glucose syrup, food starch-modified, dextrose, malic acid, citric acid, sodium malates, lactic acid, natural flavors, fruit juices for color, vegetable juices for color, calcium carbonate, spirulina extract for color.

    *Contains wheat derived ingredients. Made on equipment that also processes products containing milk and coconut.

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